About us

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Outdoor Panda t-shirts are not just t-shirts, they are quality gear for your outdoor adventures.  Our shirts contain no cotton, and our blends do not sacrifice the performance of our bamboo fabrics.  Bamboo wicks moisture because of their absorbency, has the best breathability of any shirts we have ever experienced and doesn't get cold when wet like cotton does.  Therefore it is a great alternative to traditional sportswear fabrics like wool or polyester.  It is especially great for those who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies and have trouble wearing other performance wear.  Our shirts are also our canvas for expressing and celebrating our love for the outdoors and the communities around us.  

Henry's Hemisphere (our travel line, when you want to look more on the professional side of casual) is created in loving memory of my father who loved to travel and loved the outdoors.  He was always very particular when it came to his clothes, he wanted comfort, performance and a timely classic casual style.  Dad, I think I finally found something you would love.

There are so many wonderful amazing products out there made from eco-friendly bamboo.  To our experience it is hard to find in person for hands on experience, and if you do find it by chance, it is never consistent.  We are hoping to change that by bringing it all under one roof.  If you are at all like us and got to experience first hand what bamboo products are like, chances are you LOVE BAMBOO!  Many of our brands are even based in the Pacific Nortwest too!  Check out our online store www.LoveBambooStore.com.  

Outdoor Panda was created in 2012 with the idea of supporting green & sustainable industry, creating quality apparel, offering true comfort, outstanding performance, timeless casual styles and fun designs.  These ideas lead us to using bamboo as our fabric of choice.  Bamboo is not only one of the greenest resource our planet produces, but bamboo also makes the best fabric for sportswear and travel wear.  Our small family business was born from these ideas and nurtured by you, our supporters.  We do our own design and screen print them out of our garage.  

If you know of us, chances are you may have met us at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle or at local festivals, expos, trade shows or other event where we exhibit our clothing line.  It's been a wonderful experience for us taking our products to the streets and sharing our love for bamboo apparel with everyone.  We appreciate all your business, feedback, ideas and most of all your encouragement for us to continue on with our mission.  Thank you all for the opportunity for us to make our dreams a reality and supporting our small family business located in the greater Seattle area.