Frequently Asked Questions

(about bamboo sportswear)

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Does it shrink?

Our shirts do not shrink, but cotton does shrink so be aware incase you have another bamboo shirt that is mixed with cotton.  Most bamboo shirts you find out there on the market is typically mixed with cotton (because cotton is cheap).  It drives me nuts when they mix bamboo with cotton… don't like that at all!

Can you wash it normally?

No, you want to treat it like any other technical gear.  Machine wash on delicate cycle, warm to cool water and tumble dry on low heat or flat dry.  ​

How does it perform?

It performs differently from traditional performance wear.  Wool and polyester sheds water, where viscose from bamboo is highly absorbent.  Viscose from bamboo is also much more breathable compared to the others and that unique combination is how it wicks and dries.  I find polyester doesn't breath at all and I'm always over heating in them.  Bamboo keeps you cooler in the summer because it is extremely breathable, and warmer in the winter because it doesn't loose it's R-value when you are sweating.  So it makes a great base layer for the winter.  

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