I met Todd Fischer at the Northwest Outdoor Expo in Seattle and he mentioned he wanted to work with us.  After checking out his work, we were like “YUP! SOLD! SIGN US UP!”  Some of his work has been seen on Lib Tech Snowboards, Harbinger wine company and he has a summer gallery in Westport, WA!  Todd is just a super cool guy, great to work with and we feel super blessed that we have crossed paths!
http://toddfischer.net/                    https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyToddFischer
C. Marlo Hatch is a great friend of mine from back home in the great state of Maine!  Marlo is one of the coolest girls I know!  She just explodes creativity.  Marlo also recently self published her own children’s book, Sleepy Tales of Maine Creatures and a Kraken: An ABC Book (available on Amazon).  We are so excited for you Marlo!  Congrats on the book and we wish you all the best!


Here at Outdoor Panda, we are very excited to share with you some new and exciting things we’ve been working on.  Our vision is to have Outdoor Panda express our love for the outdoors through art, more specifically we want to express it through better art and designs.  We are so very pleased to share with you 2 amazing artists that will be helping us do that!  

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